Welcome to the Industrial Evolution of repurposing and restoration.

The art of salvage.

- From  industry to art form.

- Industrial arts & architectural adaptations.

- Alternative furnishings & lighting applications.

Functional aesthetics, balanced between strength and warmth, confirmed by a combination of the senses.


My skills, I have developed over the past 30 + plus years, learned through the mechanics of a multitude of

restoration and refinishing projects.  

An artful eye, I also developed and nourished as I learned an

appreciation for a balance between what is natural and

what is man-made.  

The pieces that I create are subjective to found components making them unique and one of a kind. Each, a combining history and re-purposed materials such as wood and metal.

With little in common, two components are joined & create

something new that offers a sense of balance for the eye

and warmth with stability for the mind.

I design my work to an appreciation for generational nastalgia. 

Combining history along with the materials 

often results in something they call "Art".